DJ Way FAQ: We want to answer all of your questions before you have a chance to ask them, so take a look below at our FAQs for answers to the most common questions.


  • Where will you deliver to?
    The majority of our products are shippable worldwide, but you will need to click through to the check-out process to find out.
  • What are your delivery costs?
    Most products have free shipping in the UK, with additional charges for further afield. Simply take your product through the purchase steps and you will find out whether any delivery costs will be incurred on the final step.
  • What happens if I need to return my purchase?
    The purchase will be finalised using Amazon for most transactions meaning the returns process is handled very simply and efficiently by them.
  • Why do I get forwarded to Amazon to complete my purchase?
    Amazon is the platform we use to carry out most transactions, which means reliability, security, and fantastic customer support.
  • Why did the price of my final basket differ from the price quoted on the site?
    Sometimes there are market price fluctuations meaning that the final price differs from the original price. Prices usually go down so the difference will normally be in your favour. Our prices are updated daily so if there are differences these will be very recent.


  • What can I sell?
    Anything deemed to be quality, fully-working DJ/Production equipment. You can submit anything and we will review and approve it if we find it acceptable.
  • What are your fees?
    It is absolutely free to join and list an unlimited number of items. Once an item is sold we take a 15% commission from the sale price.
  • Do items need to be posted, or can buyers pick them up?
    This is up to you. If you offer delivery, then you must guarantee (a) next-day dispatch, (b) solid protective packaging, and (c) tracking numbers.
  • When do I get paid?
    You get paid net of commission once your package has been delivered or picked up. Payment runs are on Fridays.